Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Introduction as it's probably necessary.

Hello, readers! Sitting comfortably? Got the drinks and snacks in? I have. Well, leftover cold spuds squashed up with a bit of spare mayo and half a can of cider will do me well enough for tonight.
I am someone who spends the bulk of the day pounding the pavements, ramming assorted leaflets through letterboxes, which leads to Thinking About Stuff. Sometimes what I think about is letterboxes, leaflets and whether my life would be better, wealthier or more morally superior if I shoved burgers into buns instead, or took over the Bank Of England or something. Sometimes I think about other stuff and, because walking about all day allows one to refine one's thoughts, I might rant about things that are nothing to do with direct marketing.
People who feature in my life and will therefore feature in the blog from time to time are described below. Not accurately, so they can't sue or complain or duff me up.

My boss. Good chap, if excitable.

My son. He sometimes comes and helps me out. He likes trains.

Also known as CHild's Other Parent Who Isn't My Partner. A term I have been trying to popularise for the benefit of those who co-parent amicably ie love the kid, share the care, have no (further) interest in any kind of horizontal acquaintance with each other but are on good terms.

It's already looking like a blog that isn't necessarily going to say much about letterboxes, isn't it?

So here's a picture of one. Just in case you feel the need to comment and tell me that this is off topic already, or something. You might note the No Junk Mail sticker and consider whether there is something hypocritical about flaunting or indeed possessing such a thing.
Or you might consider that it's time to finish off your drinks and take yourselves to bed, because that's what I'm going to do.


  1. Oh yes I've done a lot of the leaflet drop thing for our own business. I know all about disappearing into your own world whilst delivering flyers. I would also build pictures in my head about the kind of people who lived in the houses I was delivering to, probably way off the mark. It's a very tiring job as well.

  2. Yes, but it does do wonders for your general fitness. I do believe I could crack nuts with my thighs...